Class ProcessExportRequest

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    com.broadleafcommerce.common.messaging.Securable, Serializable

    public class ProcessExportRequest
    extends Object
    implements com.broadleafcommerce.common.messaging.Securable, Serializable
    A message representing a request to perform (actually process) an Export.

    This message should always be consumed by the same microservice (though not necessarily the same node/instance of that microservice) that produces it. Exports can be computationally heavy tasks, and this allows each export to be processed by a different node than the one that originally created it. As a result, it avoids a situation where a single node is responsible for processing lots of exports.

    Samarth Dhruva (samarthd)
    See Also:
    ProcessExportRequestProducer, ProcessExportRequestConsumer, Export, Serialized Form
    • Constructor Detail

      • ProcessExportRequest

        public ProcessExportRequest​(String exportId)
    • Method Detail

      • getExportId

        public String getExportId()
        The ID of the Export that needs to be processed.
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      • getToken

        public String getToken()
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        getToken in interface com.broadleafcommerce.common.messaging.Securable
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        protected boolean canEqual​(Object other)
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        public int hashCode()
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      • setToken

        public void setToken​(String token)
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        setToken in interface com.broadleafcommerce.common.messaging.Securable